Walker Tape C-22 Solvent

We are one of the suppliers and leading manufacturers of the Walker tape C-22 solvent Wig adhesive remover. This solvent is used as a wig adhesive remover. When removing double-sided tape and glue for wigs and toupees, it is so important to have the right tool for this work.  Walker Tape has made some different removers that work for different presentations. However, c22 is the best remover of tape and glue. It is also the flawless product to remove any oily residues or remaining adhesive residue after removal with C-22 Solvent.

C-22 is the best and most popular wig adhesive remover. C-22 Solvent Citrus-based, clean-acting cleaner for skin and hair systems. Workings faster and more efficiently. It has a fresh citrus smell, Gentle on the skin and cleans up with soap and water. This is the adhesive remover. We make, not only because it is gentle on skin, but also because it is very FAST and skin friendly. We make. Because C-22 is the best remover of in the world. We have verified every new product put out by ourselves and challengers against C-22 Solvent and it still holds the top spot. Not only is C-22 gentle on skin, but it works fast.

  • This is Gentle on Skin

  • You can Rinses With Soap and Water

  • Immediate effector

  • You can remove wig gums and glue from this

  • Hairpiece cleaner

  • This is wig tape remover


Spray on an adhesive area. Response time in as little as 1 minute depending on adhesive build-up. Rub or brush off residue Shampoo and Rinse. Most imperative to shampoo wig after C-22 solvent.


There is no use or collection near the open flame. Do not apply to injured and irritated skin. Do not let contact with eyes. Keep children away from it. Firstly test on a small area of ​​the body. Do not leave more than 2-3 minutes on silicon bases.